Rituparna in Tarun Majumder s next

Rituparna in Tarun Majumder's next

She had last worked with Tarun Majumdar in Alo and Chander Bari and now, Rituparna Sengupta is teaming up with the director in Bhalobasar Bari. In the film, Bhabatosh — a middle-aged clerk in a jute mill, suddenly loses his job, landing his family in very hard times. Buli (Rituparna), his elder daughter who is educated but unemployed, frantically starts searching for a job. She finally lands one at a tour operator’s office, where she meets Kalyan — a jovial young man who loves to chase away the blues of life with his sense of humour and wit. Little does Buli know that Kalyan is also a victim of a personal tragedy that would change his life forever.

“The film is about the journey and struggles of these two people and how they overcome it. Tarunda is a stalwart and is known to make films that touch peoples’ hearts and the audience can relate to his films well. This simple musical love story too will touch everyone’s heart as it talks about strong family values,” Rituparna told us, adding that they had shoots on three consecutive nights. “But even at this age, Tarunda is extremely active. He teaches his actors the nuances of acting to improve their performances,” said Rituparna.

Talking about her character, Rituparna said, “Tarunda’s USP is that he can portray the simplest of emotions in a way that’s relatable. That’s the reason his films always do commercially well. I play Buli, the sole breadearner of the family and also a rebel. Rabindrasangeet has always been an integral part of Tarunda’s films and it is so in this film too.”

The director, who prefers his films to speak for themselves, said, “Like Aloand Chander Bari, Bhalobasar Bari also revolves around a girl who fights for a better life and believes that despite all struggles, life is still beautiful. The film speaks about morality too but is not preachy.”

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