BCCI yields to Rahul Dravids demand over equal distribution of World Cup reward money Report

BCCI yields to Rahul Dravid's demand over equal distribution of World Cup reward money: Report

The BCCI has agreed to meet Rahul Dravid’s demand for parity in the distribution of reward money across players and staff following the Under-19 Indian team’s triumph in the World Cup in New Zealand earlier this month, the Indian Express reported on Sunday.

Following India’s win, according to the newspaper, head coach Dravid was given Rs 50 lakh for his important role in the team’s fourth World Cup trophy, while the players and staff members received Rs 30 lakh and Rs 20 lakh each respectively. The former India batsman had showed his discomfort at the arrangement as he thought everyone in the coaching staff deserved an equal amount.

If the Indian Express is to be believed, the BCCI has now made it Rs 25 lakh for all staff members, including Dravid himself.

Not just that, the cricket governing body in India has, at the behest of Dravid, also agreed to reward those who weren’t part of the team in New Zealand but were involved in the preparations in the lead-up to the tournament.

And that means, the family of Rajesh Savant, a trainer with the team before his untimely death last year, will also receive the reward from the BCCI.

“From the time the award was announced, Dravid wasn’t happy with him getting much more than others. He informed the Board that he felt that every member had played an equal role in the team winning the World Cup. It surprised many in the BCCI that he was ready to take a cut in his own earning,” a Board member told the Indian Express on condition of anonymity.

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